• Introducing Latest Medical Technologies for Qatar Health Care Market.

    Medical / Diagnostic Equipment

    “Declare the past, diagnose the present, foretell the future.”

  • We deliver innovative Solutions for managing wounds.

    Wound Care solutions.

    “Helps Preserve Patient’s Quality of Life”

  • We are providing unique items to the Medical/Laboratory Industry.

    Medical / Laboratory/Surgical Consumables

    “It’s our promise to look beyond what’s possible now and discover what’s possible next”

  • We helps you take care of your Sensitive/Perishable products.

    Wireless Solutions for Temperature &
    Humidity, Monitoring and beyond

    “Cold Chain Management has two Categories: Managing Equipment and Managing People”

  • Products for Research, Development and Innovation.

    Educational / Research Solutions

    “The Common facts of today are the products of yesterday’s research”

  • We provides validation Support Services to the Medical / Health Care Industry.

    Validation Services

    “Fulfil your requirements with expert regulatory guidance”

  • Products for Oil and Gas process Industries.

    Industrial Supplies and Equipment

    “We committed to the Commercialization of progressive technologies to Qatar’s O&G industries”

Services We Offer

  • Medical / Diagnostic

  • Wound Care solutions

  • Medical / Laboratory /
    Surgical Consumables

  • Wireless Solutions for
    Temperature & Humidity,
    Monitoring and beyond

Who We Are - TriosCare Company

  • Welcome to TriosCare Co WLL

    Trioscare is established in 2017 with a vision to support the healthcare sector of Qatar with the service from the world leader of medical and scientific Equipment. Read More...

  • Our Mission

    To provide power solutions which will enhance the business of our customers. Cater state of the art technologies in the field of healthcare that will benefit both the customer and their environment.Read More...